Week 13: Wrap Up Exercise

PLAY and REFLECT activities

Week 4 REFLECT: RSS Feeds
Week 4 PLAY: Social Content Curation
Week 6 REFLECT: Social Networking Sites
Week 6 PLAY: Social Networking Sites
Week 7 REFLECT: Image Sharing and Creative Commons
Week 7 PLAY: Image Sharing and Creative Commons
Week 10 REFLECT: Gamification
Week 10 PLAY: Gamification
Week 11 REFLECT: Mashups
Week 11 PLAY: Mashups

INN333 Information Programs has been a unique experience for me. When I first enrolled in the class, I didn’t have much of an idea about what the content would consist of- I had a vague idea that Information Programs might mean learning about databases or eDRMS, or something else along those lines. As such I was surprised to discover that the majority of the unit was made up of web 2.0 related learning activities.

Before I had begun the unit, I had fairly minimal contact with many of the applications I was to discover over the semester. I had a neglected facebook account which I almost never posted to, and although I had a twitter account this was only because joining twitter was a necessary part of INN634 Professional Practice, in which I was enrolled last semester. I was unenthusiastic about, and even daunted by the idea of creating a blog, and using other programs which I was unfamiliar with.

By the end of the semester, however, my attitude has changed. Although I was unenthusiastic at first, writing my blog entries for the weeks I had selected became quite enjoyable, but most of all it was a real pleasure to see other people post comments to my blog about something I had written, and to explore the different points of view each person has had on the various activities in which we participated throughout the semester. I am now also more confident in using many internet based tools which I may have previously not even known about (such as bundlr) let alone tried.

I have enjoyed connecting with my peers by participating in facebook discussions and commenting on other student’s blogs. I have not used twitter as much as I could have have this semester, as I found that the facebook group format was much easier to follow. I had even set up a hootsuite account to make monitoring the inn333 hash tag easier, and although this did help, the facebook group was still my preferred method of keeping in contact with the class, and I feel some of the other students may have felt this way as well.

People have posted some really interesting topics and with so much information being posted, the subject has kept me more informed than ever about the goings on of the library world. Although at times, especially at the beginning of the semester, I found the volume of information on the facebook page to be quite daunting, and it was sometimes difficult to keep up with everything that was being posted. I have not been the most active poster on the facebook group, but I have generally taken the time to read what others have to say, and I feel this has been very beneficial to my learning experience this semester. The facebook group has also been a great place to get advice about the weekly learning activities, and being able to get help from my peers has been very useful.

I felt that for this class, the learning experience gained was very much up to the student. There was potential to learn a lot, and from a wide range of different sources, especially through information classmates have have posted on the facebook page and exploring the resources available for each weeks learning activities. Otherwise, students could potentially do very little. As such, it seemed more than ever that it was the student’s responsibility to get the best leaning experience possible by making use of the resources available.

I found the mashup PLAY activity in week 11 to be the most enjoyable activity of the semester. I have studied graphic design previously, and it was fun to be able to put some of the techniques I have leaned previously to use. The most frustrating point in the semester, on the other hand, would have been when I was attempting to complete the week 4 PLAY activity using Bundlr or storify. I had decided to use WordPress to create my blog, and I had so far been quite pleased and even pleasantly surprised by how easily I had been able to set up and post to my blog. Whilst completing this activity, however I found out that I was unable to embed my bundlr or my storify (I used both, in an attempt to see if one would work when the other hadn’t) into my blog as WordPress has a policy preventing this. This was a disappointing experience, but I did learn a lesson about the limitations of software.

I found learning about creative common to be the most interesting subject of the semester, as it is a subject that is becoming increasingly relevant, and as a future librarian, I believe that any information about copyright is important to know.

Although I am pleased to have learned so much about tools that I previously had little experience with, I do admit that I have not been overly experimental with my blog posts (i.e. I have not attempted a podcast or a video etc.), and I although I feel that I have participated adequately in class discussion via facebook, I should probably have posted more often. I believe these are the two main weak points of the semester.

I believe the most important lesson that I have learned this semester is not to underestimate the value of social media and web 2.0 tools. Now I have a much better understanding of the variety of tools that are available and how they might be used within a library context, as well as a better understanding of how important web 2.0 has become to libraries and to organisations in general. This is something that I began to understand when I first started my degree, as even in the first semester we were encourage to join twitter and linkedin. This course has served to further confirm the importance of social media for me, and I will now feel more confident in using many of these tools in the future.


One thought on “Week 13: Wrap Up Exercise

  1. Hi Jen! I’ve avoided reading anyone’s final posts before submitting mine. But that’s out of the way now. So it’s really good to start reading other student’s perspectives on the unit. I’m having aha moments reading your thoughts, particularly regarding what you write about students having to really direct themselves with this unit. I think this might be because we’re being encouraged to develop our PLN. And I can relate to how you felt overwhelmed by the volume of communication we had to deal with. In the first half of the semester I felt my head wasn’t out of my mobile or laptop ever! I was compelled to tell my family to reach me via these devices only 🙂

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