Week 4 Play: Social Content Curation

I have so far had a great deal of difficulty trying to embed a collection from either bundlr or storify into a wordpress blog post.

I have created collections with both, and have not yet had any success. As such I am providing links to both collections (although they are really almost exactly the same) in this post, as proof that I have attempted the activity.

If I have any luck in the future with embedding the collections, I will add them to this blog. Until then, this is the best solution that I am able to come up with.

My collections are based around 50’s fashion, here are the links:

“inn333 week 4 play” on Bundlr

[View the story “INN333 Week 4 play activity” on Storify]

Suffice to say I probably won’t be choosing this activity to contribute towards my end of semester marks.


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