Week 2 Reflect: Online Identity

I will begin by saying that in the past I’ve never been much for social media. I do have a facebook account, although I use it rarely if ever (although it has become incredibly handy so far for uni this semester). I would partially attribute my lack of participation to the fact that none of my close friends use it much either, and my boyfriend flatly refuses to even create an account with facebook or any other form of social media.

The other reason, however, is that instead of over sharing on social media as some people tend to do, I tend to under share. To be perfectly honest, the permanent, public nature of facebook, blogs, twitter etc. is very daunting to me, and as someone with a tendency for introversion in the first place, I don’t really have much of a desire to make my thoughts public, and I tend to worry that my posts may be misinterpreted or that I’m using various social media tools incorrectly (twitter, for instance took me a little while to figure out… in fact I think I’m still working on that one).

On the other hand, I do see how social media can be used in a positive, constructive way, and I’m looking forward to building up my skills and confidence in social media, as I begin to construct my professional online identity (because I have to admit it is a little non existent at present). Creating this blog for instance, was surprisingly straightforward and fun, although I worry that perhaps my template does not look professional enough, or about how to make the blog about me and letting my personality shine through, without sounding unprofessional or inappropriate.

In the future I would love to have a more developed professional online identity, especially as social media websites such as linkedin are becoming more important in terms of marketing oneself to potential employees and for professional networking.

But I guess that’s what this subject is all about! Looking forward to learning more throughout the semester. 🙂


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