Week 4 Reflect: RSS Feeds

Although I have heard of them, I have never before made use of rss feeds until now. I do see how they can be very useful for information professionals, albeit I cannot help but notice that they seem to be a technology that is coming out of vogue, especially with the recent demise of Google Reader and the rise of twitter and other social media.

Rss feeds do, however, have a number of useful qualities, the most important of which seems to me to be their ability to save people time. This is essential for professionals, who are most likely looking to get work done as quickly and efficiently as possible. This is something library professionals are likely to be familiar with, as tightening budgets force libraries to do more with less. The tool can also be used as a reminder to visit a site which might otherwise be forgotten or overlooked due to the over-abundance of information available online.

I would see rss feeds as being especially important in a course such as inn333 information programs, as keeping track of the many blogs that are currently being written by the students participating in this class can be quite overwhelming. I have added a few sites to my new rss feed so far, and I can certainly see how twitter may have begun to overshadow rss feeds somewhat, as I have noticed that much of the information delivered through my rss feed is also available through my twitter feed. I would imagine however, that using an rss feed may well make more sense for receiving updates for important information, as twitter updates can be easily missed if the feed is not checked very frequently. Essentially, however, it would come down to a matter of preference as to which way each person wishes to receive his or her information.

In conclusion, rss feeds are a great time saving tool, and are likely to be used most frequently by busy professionals or anyone looking to be organised and efficient, however other available news feeds are now beginning to eclipse them.


Week 4 Play: Social Content Curation

I have so far had a great deal of difficulty trying to embed a collection from either bundlr or storify into a wordpress blog post.

I have created collections with both, and have not yet had any success. As such I am providing links to both collections (although they are really almost exactly the same) in this post, as proof that I have attempted the activity.

If I have any luck in the future with embedding the collections, I will add them to this blog. Until then, this is the best solution that I am able to come up with.

My collections are based around 50’s fashion, here are the links:

“inn333 week 4 play” on Bundlr

[View the story “INN333 Week 4 play activity” on Storify]

Suffice to say I probably won’t be choosing this activity to contribute towards my end of semester marks.

Week 3 Reflect: Microblogging

Unexpectedly, twitter has played a fairly large role so far in my library and information studies degree. What with libraries trying to keep as up to date with technology as possible, it seems that libraries and librarians have embraced microblogging and view it as an important factor in promoting libraries and library related activities, as well as being a tool to be used for professional development (Hall & Loudon, 2010, p. 236), hence the focus on social media within the MIT LIS major.

As I have mentioned in my previous post, I have never been particularly drawn to social media. This is the first blog I have ever started (can you tell :p) and I joined twitter only a few months ago, as it was a requirement of a subject I was enrolled in last semester.

I have, however, enjoyed using twitter so far, and even if I don’t post much myself, I do think its a great way to keep in contact with classmates, and to get news from a variety of different sources.

As far as twitter’s role in my learning experience is concerned, I feel that the most beneficial aspect of having a twitter account is being able to contact and interact with other students. I can’t say I’ve perfected this yet, probably due to lack of expertise, however I enjoy following various LIS teachers and students, and it helps me keep track of where everyone else is up to in subjects, and is also a useful alternate way of asking tutors questions about classes and assignments.

In the future I believe I will continue to use twitter, since although I am not a very active user in terms of posting, it acts as an excellent personalised newsfeed. My future as a blogger, however, is something I am still unsure of, as the blogging world is still all very new to me, and my experience with keeping this blog throughout the semester will be likely to shape my opinion on continuing to blog in the future.


Hall, H., & Loudon, L. (2010). From triviality to business tool: The case of twitter in library and information services delivery. Business Information Review, 27(4), 236-241. DOI: 10.1177/0266382110390480

Week 2 Reflect: Online Identity

I will begin by saying that in the past I’ve never been much for social media. I do have a facebook account, although I use it rarely if ever (although it has become incredibly handy so far for uni this semester). I would partially attribute my lack of participation to the fact that none of my close friends use it much either, and my boyfriend flatly refuses to even create an account with facebook or any other form of social media.

The other reason, however, is that instead of over sharing on social media as some people tend to do, I tend to under share. To be perfectly honest, the permanent, public nature of facebook, blogs, twitter etc. is very daunting to me, and as someone with a tendency for introversion in the first place, I don’t really have much of a desire to make my thoughts public, and I tend to worry that my posts may be misinterpreted or that I’m using various social media tools incorrectly (twitter, for instance took me a little while to figure out… in fact I think I’m still working on that one).

On the other hand, I do see how social media can be used in a positive, constructive way, and I’m looking forward to building up my skills and confidence in social media, as I begin to construct my professional online identity (because I have to admit it is a little non existent at present). Creating this blog for instance, was surprisingly straightforward and fun, although I worry that perhaps my template does not look professional enough, or about how to make the blog about me and letting my personality shine through, without sounding unprofessional or inappropriate.

In the future I would love to have a more developed professional online identity, especially as social media websites such as linkedin are becoming more important in terms of marketing oneself to potential employees and for professional networking.

But I guess that’s what this subject is all about! Looking forward to learning more throughout the semester. 🙂